Individualized collection strategy for each of our clients

Pinnacle understands each client has specific needs depending on its product and their relationship with its consumers. We design an individualized collection strategy for each of our clients based upon their specific needs and goals.

Our approach with your consumers is one designed to solve a problem, not create one. We will assist them in prioritizing their financial responsibilities and educate them on their obligation, so to have the best chance of bringing their debt to a successful resolution.

Our client service team is easily accessible and available to answer questions, provide status and frequent standard reporting as well as fulfill ad hoc reporting requests. If your goals change, our efforts will shift to accommodate them.

Our capabilities include:

  • Unique receivables management programs

  • Advanced skip tracing methods and technology

  • Flexible reporting environment

  • Superior and responsive client service team

  • Inventory recovery programs

  • Multilingual collection associates

  • Secure, redundant data environment